Let Me Make Myself Clear

Every year, our giant peony bush produces the most gorgeous bright pink blooms.  And every year, I wonder why in the world the woman who planted this garden–the homeowner–put a peony bush against the back of the house where not a single soul can see these blooms. 

The bush sits next to the garbage cans, the compost pile, and the back of the garage.  Nobody can see it. 

Nobody can see it, which is exactly why she put it there. This bush exists for the sole purpose of taking blooms inside the house.  It’s for tearing apart and enjoying, indulging in the kind of luxurious bouquets one might feel guilty about. 

Do you leave a beautiful flower to blossom outside, or do you cut it to enjoy in your bedroom or on your kitchen table where you know it’s going to die? 

The homeowner made the decision for me.  Let me make myself clear:  Go ahead.  Indulge in beauty.  These blooms are for you.  Living with flair means we make ourselves a fabulous bouquet when God offers us a hidden peony bush. 

Here, this is for you.

Do you have trouble enjoying God’s gifts to you without feeling guilty? 

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