Keeping Yourself in a Bit of Struggle

Last night, my daughter talked to us about a test in which she received a lower grade than she expected. Instead of worrying about this, she announced that she’d rather struggle in a class that’s a little too hard for her than take an easier class with easy A’s.

If it’s always 100%, with no struggle, then perhaps the course isn’t hard enough.

I think about this concept, and I remember that I only grow when the Lord puts me in situations that require a little more than I have to give. Like my daughter’s course that’s a bit over her head, God puts me where I’m in over my head all the time.

I grow in struggle. I grow when it’s a little too hard for me here.

I think about the overwhelming task of writing books (it’s book release day!!) and the traveling to speak in recent years. Sometimes, I board airplanes to strange cities, and I think, “I cannot do this! This is a little too hard for me, Lord!”

Exactly! He can do it through me, and I will grow. My faith will expand and my peace will reach far.

So with a day looming ahead filled with just a little too much grading of papers, preparing of lessons, driving of children, compiling my answers to upcoming radio and podcast interviews, managing of relationships, and balancing housework and cooking and all the things—-I think again that it’s a struggle. And that’s good and right. Praise God for struggle that requires dependence on Him.

When we’re tempted to shrink back from an opportunity that seems too hard, we press on in dependence on God. When we’re tempted to sulk in overwhelmed feelings, we press on. God brought us here to grow.


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