Keeping It Fresh

When you think about your work and your relationships, you want to keep things fresh. The enthusiasm I continue to feel for God, teaching, marriage, and parenting comes from one thing alone.

I will tell you now. Are you so curious?

Are you?

That’s the answer: It’s curiosity.


Curiosity is the mental state of being extremely interested in something. It’s the mindset that you have so many more beautiful things to learn and experience with this topic or this person. When it comes to writing and grammar, I press deeper and deeper into complexity and puzzlement. I cannot exhaust the topic! It’s the same with people; I love asking questions–even after 15 years–to find more complexity and more puzzles to put together about what makes them do what they do and think how they think.

The profound pleasure that comes from further understanding an inexhaustible topic or a person means each new day feels fresh. What will I learn of you now? What new mystery awaits?

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