Keep the Structure. You Never Know What Will Happen.

As you know, I’ve been blogging every day since March 2010. That’s a lot of writing. I’ve kept that ritual up because I never know what’s going to happen. Some blog posts have been truly inspired and have been used widely to bless others. Some blog posts indicate I just showed up and don’t have much to write. But the point is I showed up. I kept the structure. I had a repository ready for hope and joy and beauty. It stayed there, waiting.

I think about this “keeping the structure” idea with so many things now. I read the Bible, pray, and journal even if I’m not feeling like it because I never know what will happen as I make myself available to Jesus. I keep the structure. I keep an open heart for God.

It’s like when you keep a tree that never blooms because one day it might–like a silky dogwood we planted that took a decade to flower. It’s like when you keep a bird house because one day, blue birds might choose it. It’s like when you set out another chair at the dinner table because you never know when a new guest will come. You love the possibility of it all.

You put a structure in place in anticipation. You keep hope alive. You know that anything is possible.


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