Keep Learning.

Today I joined a group for new professors at Penn State who talk about teaching. I first thought I didn’t need a group like this. Did I even want a group like this? I’ve been teaching for 25 years! What else could I learn?

Oh my! I learned so much in the first five minutes of the zoom call. The host used new technology to ask us how we felt about our teaching. We immediately learned three new programs to gather feedback in a classroom–whether apps on their phone, word clouds, or google forms.

I also appreciated how the host built community based on things we might know about–like grocery shopping. The lead question involved introducing ourselves and sharing our favorite item to buy at Trader Joes. Ha! Apparently, people love the Cold Brew Ice Cream and the Almond Bread (two things I have not tried).

I remember living with flair means to keep learning.


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