Just Play It

The amazing Baker family arrives for their annual visit to our home for this one August weekend, and it’s particularly wonderful to note how we’ve all grown and changed within the year. We talk about prayer requests, challenges, books, and neighborhood living, as always.

We also, as always, talk about music. Or rather, we experience music along with the Bakers.

Mr. Baker takes a seat on the piano bench and plays a melody on the piano, and each child takes a turn accompanying him as if they’ve practiced this routine for years.

But then I notice my own children joining in to make beautiful music. How is this happening? They’ve never practiced this song in their lives! They’ve never even heard this music, and nobody has provided any sheet music.

He explains that he’s playing the pentatonic scale in the key of F sharp. (As if this means anything to me. It does not. It’s a foreign language.) He further explains that because of this particular arrangement, anything–literally anything–the children play on the black keys of the piano will sound beautiful. It will harmonize. It will resonate. It will make something wonderful happen.

I can prove it:

The One Playing the Music has orchestrated the song so that you simply have the freedom to play your heart’s desire right there beside Him. It will bless the world with beauty and wonder as you harmonize your will to His. He’s made it easy for you. He’s done the work. You just play on, child.

Later, one daughter leans in and says to me, “Did you notice how each child sounded so unique and had their very own style?”

Yes. I noticed indeed.

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