Just Because You Can

I often read posts about how great new technologies are and how they’ll maximize our productivity and allow us to do more and more and more. When I think about ChatGPT or whatever it is I’m hearing about, I hear that whisper of wisdom: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Faster and bigger isn’t always better. Slower and smaller might just bear the kind of fruit that will last.

I felt this most during COVID when suddenly I had so many requests to join people on Zoom. Yes, I can. But should I? I remember saying, “I’d rather talk on the phone or I’d rather take a slow walk with you and talk.” Zoom gave me headaches. Just because I could didn’t mean I should. I would stop and think, “Why am I doing this? I can do lots of things, but why am I doing this?

And then I thought of a wise mentor who told Ashley and me we should always be led not driven. Just because we have an idea and more and more people want this or that doesn’t mean it’s right or good to do it. Be led by the Holy Spirit. Don’t let others drive you. Be led, not driven.

We can do more and more things. But should we?

I want to seek the Lord more and more and be led, not driven.

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