Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Today I remember that just because I can meet people on Zoom doesn’t mean I should. In this new world of online, immediate accessibility, you might find yourself overwhelmed with Zoom (or other platform) get togethers. You might find yourself exhausted when you imagined you might feel refreshed or even happy about all these new screen-to-screen interactions. Every day, you might receive an invitation to meet up online with people.

But if you’re exhausted, remember that just because you can meet online doesn’t mean you should or must. I ask myself if the meeting absolutely requires video. If not, I make it a phone call or an email. I feel so much better! When emails come asking for a Zoom call, I’ll ask for a phone call or email instead, and every one is happier.

Zoom sometimes exhausts us. It hurts our eyes. It can wear us down. I find that taking a walk in the woods while having a business phone call can accomplish the same results. So living with flair in this new virtual world means setting boundaries on your online life.

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