It’s Not Just About Us

My oldest wants to learn flute, and she nods her head and glances at me when the director says, “When you practice your instrument, it’s not just about you.  It’s about your community of musicians.  You don’t just let yourself down when you don’t practice.  You let down the whole orchestra.” 

He’s talking about citizenship.  He’s talking about personal and community excellence. 

The Italian Mama tells me about her son’s marching band debut at the football game.  The band director said to the band, “When you put on your uniform, you aren’t just representing yourself.  You represent this school, this town, and the whole community of musicians.”

I like thinking about our obligation to ourselves and our communities.  It’s never just about me

Living with flair means I know that I’m responsible to a community.  I want my children to leave my home and represent themselves, our family, and our community well. 

Journal:  What would change if we walked out of the house and thought about representing ourselves, our families, and our communities well? 

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