Instead of Excuses

All day I’ve been thinking about barriers to the kind of change I want in my life. When I see a barrier, it’s an automatic excuse. Instead, I want to see the barrier as an opportunity.

I know how to do this in some areas of my life, but I can’t apply it to other areas. Why? I’m thinking about this!

For example, some of you always ask me how I can blog every day (except that one day in Kansas) for 1,684 days. No matter what, I blog. If there’s a barrier of time, location, internet access, etc., I see it as an opportunity to become really creative. It’s the kind of pressure I like. It’s pleasurable to solve this kind of problem. ¬†Plus, and most importantly, it’s something God empowers because I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

Other good things I want to do, but somehow can’t (insert anything you want here: fitness, weight loss, home decorating, mood management, finances) result from lots and lots of excuses. I want to apply the same creativity and pleasurable problem solving to whatever I want to change. I want to see God empower those things that should happen in my life because they are right and good.

I want to take the pressure of time, location, access, etc. and become exceedingly creative!

To give us hope, I want to share one thing I’m learning most of all: Friends really matter here. If you can recruit a friend to help you on your journey of change, it will make all the difference. When you want to change something, ask, “Who can help me? Who can be my friend in this?”

Be ready for God to send someone your way.

My blogging friends, exercise friends, teaching friends, parenting friends, and praying friends help so much. Together, we are exceedingly creative when faced with barriers and excuses.

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