I love how in the book of Genesis, Rebekah is confused about what is happening to her, so she inquires of the Lord (Genesis 25:22). I love the simplicity of it. In present day, when I’m confused, I gather my friends’ wisdom; I read the latest book; I google; I fret; I research. But do I simply and beautifully inquire of the Lord? Do I ask God the question?

What I love about inquiring of the Lord is this: When you approach God with a question, it clarifies exactly what you need. What’s the problem? Where do you need wisdom? What is the struggle? Imagine God saying to you, “I will answer your question.” What question would you ask Him? What a sublime moment to think this can actually happen as we’re told we can approach God with freedom and confidence.

I want to add “inquire of the Lord” into my daily practice. While Rebekah received a clear answer, I know we might not hear any kind of audible voice. But I do know the Holy Spirit can speak to our hearts. I know the Bible can illuminate truth and give us the wisdom we need. And I know God can use wise people to speak into our situation. However God sends His answer, the important point is that He answers.

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