Inner Certainty

Today I read about cultivating “inner certainty.” What a beautiful phrase! In the midst of so much uncertainty—not just in our political climate but also in something so precarious as weather–we move about our days lacking any certainty. With so many students shaking in my office out of fear and uncertainty, I wonder how to best help others develop a lifestyle of inner certainty. 

What would it feel like to make meaningful decisions based on God’s word, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and your own sound mind and then rest in certainty that you made the best choice you could, with the knowledge that you had? How do you teach someone to cultivate wisdom and discernment in decision making? Can you imagine going about your day without nagging, anxiety-producing uncertainty? Uncertainty gathers in doubt, suspicion, misgivings, great apprehension, and fear. The brain does not like uncertainty; it generates a reactive, high-stress response.

I like collecting “certainty” phrases like this:

I am certain God will orchestrate these events–even my failures within them–for my good and His glory.

I am certain that if I made a decision that helps me love God and love others more, then it is the right decision. 

I am certain that God’s work in my life is not limited by my bad decisions. 

I am certain that God is not tricking me and making it hard for me to decide; I know He gives wisdom generously and provides the Holy Spirit as a counselor. 

As I learn more about the psychology behind certainty, I’ll share my research. And when I lack confidence, I remember this little picture. It makes me laugh every time.

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