In Us All Along

Someone I never in a million years thought would ever, ever do something like this announced that he has, in fact, auditioned for community theater. It was a dream from long ago, perhaps tucked away deep into the heart, that just now awakens for its time in the spotlight.

The courage it took! I feel it all: the deep breath, the “Here goes!”, the racing heart, and the shutting up of any voice that says, “You are too old.”

I think of the time my friend after all these years–three decades of waiting–decided to audition for community theater and won the lead role in her fifties. Oh, how we cheered her on and gave so many flowers on opening night!

I think of the year the Italian Mama found her dancing shoes again after all those years.

I think of growing older and how, sometimes, dreams wake up and call out: It’s time for me. 

Living with flair means, no matter what our age or how long it’s been, we take a deep breath and do this new thing that’s been in our hearts all along.

That’s how it was the day I sat in my basement after five years of staying home and said to myself, “I want to teach college students again.” That’s how it was the day I knew I had to tell the story inside.

If it’s time, it’s time. Age and circumstances rarely matter. Dreams always find a way out.

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