In the Way You Can

Today I spread some good cheer by bringing Christmas cookies to students and colleagues. If you remember, these don’t look particularly beautiful. But they taste like an ode to butter and almond. I love baking these cookies, and by the end of the season, I’ll have iced nearly 600 candy canes and Christmas trees. I love listening to Christmas music as I roll out the dough. I love the way the house smells like sugar cookies for days. I love how I find sprinkles everywhere in the kitchen. And I love when my daughters come around me with their creative ideas for decorating the cookies.

Certain contributions I’ll never make to the Christmas season. I’m a terrible gift-giver and present-wrapper. I cannot sing any Christmas carols on key. I fail at Gingerbread houses. I don’t have time to volunteer in the community or organize events the way others can.

But I can make cookies. So I do.

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