In Spite of You

Something I always worry about involves a migraine striking on a day I need to teach or speak. Well, this morning, a migraine came! Perhaps the colder weather, perhaps something I ate, perhaps a night of poor sleep—who knows why? Even after taking medicine for the pain after the aura, a migraine effects can last for 72 hours. It might feel like pressure in your head, a foggy mind, or even nausea for the next several days. Whenever a student tells me they have a migraine and must miss class, I now understand why they might miss classes for the entire week. Bright lights hurt you; loud noises hurt you. Often, people stay in bed in a darkened room.

To make matters more stressful, I have a local speaking event tonight. Can you believe it? What will I do? I pray about this, and then I remember how God’s power is made perfect in weakness and how the Holy Spirit’s work isn’t dependent upon my excellent delivery. Maybe God deliberately debilitates in some area in order to allow the Holy Spirit to work. He must push us out of the way. He must decrease us and increase Him.

And I’m OK to write this and speak off of notes. All this to say, if you suffer from migraines, I understand.

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