In Good Time

My flight from Colorado Springs now arrives exactly when my Chicago flight departs for State College. Oh, flight delays! I detest them!

I approach the ticket agent for help, and I remark, “I’m praying the Chicago flight has a delay! Then I’d make the connection.”

The agent looks up from her incessant typing and pauses, smiling and then furrowing her eyebrows. “Isn’t it interesting,” she says, “that nobody hopes for a delayed flight? Until you need one. It’s all perspective isn’t it?”

This first delay is quite possibly another traveler’s blessing. The next delay could be my blessing. 

I remember to think of every one else’s travel day and not just my own. Airports reveal the self-focus and self-involvement of the human heart. We travelers are frazzled, selfish, over-caffeinated, and grouchy. But every delay is God’s way of doing something that I cannot see. And I don’t have to. 

I can trust I’ll get where I’m going in good time. 

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