Imagining the End

Last night, I read some wisdom about picturing the best result of the goals you have for your life. It’s like this: think about what success in some area looks like, how it feels, and what this goal would mean. Then, think of today–where you are right now–and make a small choice to work toward this end goal.

It’s not just about losing weight for a late-summer vacation or gaining some work promotion in the fall; it’s about thinking of the next thirty years. It’s about building a life, brick by brick, because you know what the end goal is. How is what’s happening now in my life adding a brick to the structure? How is it taking away from the goal? Furthermore, I learn from a woman nearing 70 years old with a vibrant life, marriage, ministry, and grandparenting role how to study and become an expert in something in your 30’s and 40’s and 50’s that you will then offer in your senior years.

In other words, people who keep an eye on an imagined future invest in that goal now.

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