“I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you.”

Today during a radio interview, the host said, “I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you.”

I’ve heard this line before, and I never know what to say. I’m sorry! I’m sorry to disappoint you with my lack of fame and my ordinary life! I’m sorry more people don’t talk about me on social media. I’m truly sorry! 

Not having heard of me has become a funny expression that several people have said to me lately. It normally comes after people realize I’ve written seven books and speak nationally and interview on the radio, etc. etc. etc. They’ll say something like, “Why aren’t you more famous?” or “So who are you again?”

The best encounters take shape when I’m speaking at large events. I’ll hang out in the lobby with folks. When people realize I’m the speaker, they’ll say, “You? But you’re so. . . ”

Normal? Ordinary? Not glamorous? I know I’m wearing loafers and a cardigan. But look, I did curl my hair and put on my pearls.

They don’t recognize me. I’m not famous enough.

And guess what? I like it when they do this, I really do. It’s not only funny and humbling and a little awkward, but it’s also rather biblical. I want people to remember the message, not the messenger. I want them to know God, not me.

So I suppose the fact that people say they “haven’t heard of me” makes my heart sing a little bit today. It also indicates how far I’ve come knowing I’m seated with Christ:

When you’re already at the Greatest Table with the Greatest King, you don’t need to make a name for yourself anymore.

So I’ll keep doing my thing, and maybe you’ll never hear of me. And praise God, that’s OK.

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