I’ll Be Your Sunshine

Today, I find the rare Monotropa uniflora, also known as ghost pipe, Indian pipe, or the ghost plant.

The ghost plant contains no chlorophyll; it cannot take energy from the sun. It depends upon photosynthetic trees nearby for energy. Since it doesn’t need the sun–but desperately needs those that do need the sun–it tends to grow in the darkest, murkiest underparts of the forest. These that I found enjoy a rare bask in the sunshine, but this sun provides absolutely nothing for them. They don’t know how to use the sun. 

I examine the ghost plant and look around. So many plants become her sun. So many others feed her when she lacks that thing inside that makes her independent and able to take what she needs. With no chlorophyll, she’s designed for dependence on those who know the sun and produce that energy naturally.

When I meet certain people in certain dark times in their lives, I remember the ghost plant. Perhaps they come near because they need a little sunshine, and we’re so blessed to have all we need, even too much.

Stay right here. We’ll be your sun.

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