If You Need the Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

Here it is! It’s “The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies” from AllRecipes.com. And for the icing? I love the taste of almond, so I use the Sugar Cookie Icing recipe from that same website.

The most important part of the recipe? You make the cookies for eating. They will not be works of art. Save that task for the experts. Save that for the Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest talent. Save that for the people who God gave a special gift of cookie decorating.

Google “Christmas Cookie Designs” and marvel at the talent. You don’t have that talent. Do not try.

Your cookies? Nobody wants to display these cookies. They will eat them. They won’t have time to take a picture anyway because they are too busy eating. You sit so secure in your life that you don’t need to impress anyone. You just spread on the icing with a knife, sprinkle those sprinkles on, and pass a bunch around to neighbors and coworkers.

So if your terrible artistic skills keep you from making decorated Christmas cookies, remember the story of the woman who made horribly decorated Christmas cookies that everyone loved and begged for each year.

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