If Stung

As I walk around this spring, I’m acutely aware that alongside all the beauty of spring lurks danger.

Bees! I have to carry my epi-pen everywhere. I’m deathly allergic to bees.

It’s amazing to consider that all that power to kill me exists in a tiny little insect body. I stand so huge against them, and yet one little sting can take me down.

But I’m protected. I pat my pocket where I hold the epi-pen. I’m ready to inject it at any time, in any place, to counter the stings.

With the epinephrine, I neutralize whatever comes against me. I wish I could use such a marvelous instrument against other kinds of attacks. Criticism? I’d just jam the medicine in and dissolve the threat. Disappointment? I’d have it covered. Loss? I’d sooth it with one injection. Failure? No problem.

I know people who can do this. They walk about with such security because they know the truth about God and themselves. They infuse their heart with Bible verses as they move about the day. They let the Holy Spirit dissolve, cover, and soothe, and they maintain perfect peace.

They’re sting-ready through God’s word and prayer. They never forget that danger indeed lurks, and they weaponize themselves.¬†Even if stung by criticism or disappointment, they press the truth against their heart and walk on.

I want to be more like this.

(Yes, I used weapon as a verb. Weaponize. I like it.)

How do you weaponize?

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