If I Would Have Tweeted

I honestly try to have more of an author presence on social media, but I find myself laughing at myself each time. I’m so sorry! I hope I haven’t let you down. It’s just that, if I did tweet, it would go something like this:

Happy that Leo the cat was miraculously found! Yeah, neighborhood. #neighborhood #missingcatfound

I cut a mango today. I love ripe mango because it makes me feel like I’m vacationing in the tropics. #mango

I’m editing my Chosen for Christ manuscript. Did you know you omit the hundreds digits for the closing page numbers in your endnote citations? So you would say 110-12 instead of 110-112. Yeah, Chicago style! #editing

We finished the raspberry lemonade cake. I’m making hamburgers tonight. We stuff blue cheese into our hamburgers and bake them on a foil-lined pan. We always have hamburgers on Monday night. It’s a thing. #hamburgersonMonday

I really love Jesus, and I think about Him all day long. #Jesus

I watched Taylor Swift’s Delicate video twice, and I love it. But I’d never say that on Twitter because haters gonna hate. #ILoveHer.

I’m excited to watch American Idol tonight. See above for explanation about why I don’t mention this. #Shhhhh.

So now you know why I have a hard time posting. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll tweet something.

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