Ideas for Your Afternoon Snack Platter

Sometimes friends and students lovingly tease me about my now 12 year commitment to my after school Snack Platter. I have loved putting out after school snacks from the time Sarah started kindergarten until this very afternoon when my now teen daughters arrive home.

The after school Snack Platter now happens at 4:00 PM, and it’s our version of a tea time. After our snack, we all go our separate ways until dinner.

I love the after school Snack Platter for so many reasons: It’s a break in the day to rest in the kitchen, enjoy good conversation, and refresh before the next activity. It’s also an event that communicates value and how much I treasure my daughters; it’s like a little gift each afternoon. Sometimes I make the Snack Platter particularly festive or special with a dessert like little cheesecakes or cookies, but mostly, it’s just a healthy snack. I finally love how the after school Snack Platter works as a check in point for teens, too, even if I only get them for a few minutes.

My favorite snacks: popcorn, apples and some kind of dip (pumpkin dip above), hummus and pita, olives and cheese, veggies and ranch dip, hot cider and gingersnaps, avocado toast, berries and whipped cream, or crackers and peanut butter.

This afternoon, my husband came up from his office to ask if he could join in with the after school snack. How fun!

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