I Was Grumpy, but Then

For the past few days, I wake up feeling that old familiar darkness: the doom and gloom attempts access, but I thwart it with this:

I recall that I’m “seated in Christ in the heavenly realms” and the only thing required of me today is to receive tender care from God and to simply do the “good works prepared in advance” for me to do. These works are the ones God chooses for me, enables me to finish, and that result in blessing and joy. Ephesians 2 has become a sharpened weapon in my mental battles.

I relax into my seat, and the grumpiness suddenly leaves. It’s as if the Bad Mood knocks on the door of my heart, and Jesus says, “I’m sorry, she’s otherwise detained. You have no further business here.”

Why haven’t I lived this stress-free, this joyful, and this receptive all these years?

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