I Walked Anyway

Today some of us adults decided to walk to school even though our children were already there for early band practice.

There we were, walking to school without children.

(Actually, one dad sent his son last minute, so we walked someone else’s child to school.)

We talked about life and work and even our souls. Yes, we talked about eternity.

One mom walking her dog looked on in amusement at the adults who walked to school without their children. The snow began falling, and we all walked up the hill together. We tried to keep pace with a 5th grade teacher who decided to walk, and we discovered we were all out of shape in comparison.

The whole morning took exactly 30 minutes from start to finish, but the connections nourished us all for hours. As we wondered later just how much time one needs to spend together with folks for nourishing connections to form, we realized the answer is this:

Not much.  

So I’ll be walking to school without my children as they grow up and on to middle school and high school. But like I shared yesterday: It isn’t only about the walk, and it isn’t only about the children.

We declared our adult walk-to-school a “Walking Salon” (as in the French salon of the 17th and 18th centuries where people gathered for philosophical and enlightening conversation). We talk about ideas. We talk about our lives.

We talk about eternity.

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