I Know It Cold

It’s cold! My cats curl up by the heaters and steal all the warmth they can. 

My winter routine begins: 

We humidify the air. We wear layers. We apply lotion and lip balm. We drink warm beverages and slurp soups that simmer on the stove. We retire to bed earlier and close the drapes against the frosty night.
In the mornings, we drink hot coffee as the house heats up. Still in fluffy slippers, we debate with the neighbors via hilarious texts exactly how cold it must be for us to drive to school instead of walk. 
The winter comes like it has before, but this year, I realize I’ve truly adapted. 

It’s cold, but I know what to do. I know this season by heart. 

Living with flair means learning winter’s lessons and knowing how to adapt to a new season. I don’t resist; I snuggle into it and can hardly wait to see what gifts it will bring. 
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