I Did See the Owls

I saw the Great Horned Owl! I saw the mother and the baby. What I learned as we walked through the woods with my friend was this: you need a guide.

The guide tells you what to look for and how to see what you don’t know how to see. When you’re in the dark woods, you can’t be alone. In my case, the guide taught us how to find the owls and how to follow the cries of the black birds who often cry out when an owl is near. He taught us where to place our vision. He taught us how to listen.

In fact, near the end of the evening, the guide cupped his ears to hear the faint but persistent cries of baby woodpeckers in the hole in the tree. I cried out, “This night keeps getting better and better!”

Living with flair means finding an expert to teach you, especially in spiritual matters. It means having a mentor who has traveled the dark path before you and can teach you what to look for and how to see. The guide opens your heart to marvels you never knew how to find and didn’t even know were available to you in a life hidden in Christ.

They’ll help you see: it just gets better and better.

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