How Not to Live

I’m back to reading E. Stanley Jones more slowly and deliberately to gain wisdom. Today, I reflect on this quote: “Humans beings are in the process of finding out how not to live.”

I underline the sentence and record it in my journal to digest the truth of it. Everywhere I look–both in my own life and outside of myself–I see the inevitable consequences of living according to patterns and processes that do not work, that cannot work, that will not work because they aren’t God’s way. Eventually we find out. Eventually we experience the results of sin. We find out how not to live.

And then, sometimes, we find out exactly how to live because we tap into the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit when in alignment with God through confession of sin and repentance. We agree to live His way, for Him, and by His power.

Until then, we simply find more ways how not to live.

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