How a Mom Spreads Cheer in Walmart

My friend posts on Facebook about her stealth mission in Walmart.

She and her children secretly put googly eyes on various items. Are you laughing? I am.

I’m laughing for two reason: First, it’s just silly. Second, I think of exhausted parents shopping with tantrum-throwing children who suddenly see Paula Dean with bugged out eyes or the Pillsbury Doughboy staring–wide-eyed and whimsically–from aisle four.

I think of the smiles on otherwise worn-out faces. I think of diapers that cause giggles and bananas that send children searching for more hidden eyes.

Why doesn’t every store do this? I love anything that turns the mundane into the marvelous.

Sometimes, a mom just has to spread some whimsy in the fruit aisle.

Her children take the photos, so all credit goes to them.

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