His Comfort

In Isaiah 66:13, we read the Lord’s word spoken to those “who tremble at his word.” The Lord says, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.”

I think about how, as we drove home from a conference today, my daughter suddenly fell ill. In full stomach distress, fever, and chills, she was absolutely miserable.

I wanted nothing more than to comfort her in any way I could. I tried to imagine new and interesting ways to provide her comfort. I could think of nothing else. What do you need? I’ll do anything, child! Anything! You say the word, and I’ll do anything!

Once home, I washed her hair, found the softest pajamas, and arranged crackers and drinks around her. I found her cat; I adjusted the room temperature and pillows; I bought medicine. Anything to comfort her.

It became my all-consuming desire to comfort her.

Nothing else mattered but her comfort.

A mother sitting next to a feverish child stops everything to tend, to comfort. When I read the Lord’s words about the way He comforts us–in the manner of a mother with a child–I find myself overwhelmed with the sweetness of it. I imagine God’s all-consuming care for those who need comfort.

He comforts us like a mother.

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