Helping Others When They Feel Overwhelmed

Several friends recently felt so stressed out and overwhelmed. As I watched and listened, I could see them grappling with so many things that felt out of control in their lives. As I let them talk for a while, I then remembered what helps me most of all when I feel overwhelmed. It’s so simple you won’t believe it.

I said, “OK, what do you most need in this situation? What’s causing the most stress, and how can we ask God for something specific here? Let’s turn the worry into a specific prayer request.

Turn the worry into a specific prayer request. 

“Oh, that’s good,” one friend said. “That’s good. I like that.”

It’s a great activity for your prayer life because it reminds you to cast your cares upon God and allow Him to daily bear your burdens.

And we can rejoice in how He answers and provides every single day of our lives.

Plus, turning a worry in a specific prayer request helps crystalize the real problem. What do you need? What are you actually afraid of? 

We articulate it. We write it down. We let God handle it.

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