Happy October (and 3 Blogs for 3 Days Without Internet)

Day One: I’ve been in Gettysburg for Cru’s Faculty Common’s conference called “The High Ground at Gettysburg.” I’ve attended this event for the last 15 years with Ashley to learn leadership principles from the battlefield, and I discover something new every year. This year, I’m drawn to the words of President Eisenhower in 1958 (featured in the museum) on leadership. He writes, “All leadership—political, economic, or moral—involves persuading others to do something now that will bring fruit in the future.”

To do something now that will create a preferred future: I love thinking that leaders know how to paint a picture of this future and motivate others to choose today what will bring about this future. Wonderful!

Day Two: I never tire of the Pennsylvania landscape, especially the battlefield as the sun sets from my viewpoint in the Lutheran Seminary cupola—the very spot where leaders climbed to discover the “high ground.”

Day Three: I still cannot connect to the internet in my historic manor. I finally realize that perhaps the Lord doesn’t wish me to work; He’s thwarting any ability to prepare for teaching, to write, or to do anything involving my laptop. Instead, I find myself delightfully resting. I stroll around. I lounge. I think. Sometimes, when God’s thwarts one thing, it’s to invite you into rest.

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