Happy New Year!

I pray you experience great, new, unexpected blessings this year. May hope fill your heart. May you find little miracles and astonishing beauty all around you. Might you unearth the treasure hidden in every soul you meet. I pray you find a creative community where you feel alive and at home. I pray this is the year you feel seen and understood. I pray this is the year you find true love. May you feast. May you dance. May you laugh. May you become friends with at least one child, one older person, and one person who comes from a different perspective than your own. May you pray fiercely, cry uncontrollably at least a few times, and then find great comfort. I pray you sleep deeply, dream wildly, and snuggle a few creatures. May you walk in the moonlight. May you find a friend for life. May you discover a secret spot, a hideaway in the woods, or the perfect getaway. I pray this is the year your story makes sense. I pray you turn your face to the warm sun and take a path that requires faith and courage. May this be the brightest and best year yet.

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