Halfway Through a Month of Encouragement

Today I realized that most writers think they must write a book. You don’t have to write a book!  You might write any number of amazing pieces in your writing life. Write! Think about poetry, song lyrics, newsletters, magazine articles, opinion pieces for the newspaper, short stories, ethnography, devotions, how-to guides, advice columns, letters to the editor of your alumni magazine, film scripts, marketing for products you love, instruction manuals, a recipe book of treasured recipes with commentary, or a collection of the stories you’d love to pass on about your life. You could write a weekly email to your friends about what fascinates you like about bugs, hot air balloons, or maple syrup. Write to advocate for others. Write letters to your representatives in congress. Write top-ten lists. Write a wellness guide. Write a diary just for you. Write to God. Write sentences to hear the sound of them and collect lists of beautiful words like tranquil, birch, and effervesce. Write better definitions. Write a fresh résumé and mission statement. Write a review of a book or movie or album. Write tributes. Write toasts. Write a rant. Write satire. Write translations. Write jokes. Write.


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