Growing in Dependence

I’m growing in the area of dependence on God, especially when I feel overwhelmed. For example, when I receive a task to complete that feels too hard, too confusing, or too much, I normally become filled with anxiety and become overwhelmed. This happened yesterday when asked for several things with tight deadlines. I normally stay in that state of stress for a long time.

But as I’ve grown in prayer and in my connection with Jesus, I’ve been able to much more quickly go to God in dependence. I unburden myself in His presence and ask for His divine aid. God wants us to do this. He “daily bears our burdens” (Psalm 68:19).

I measure growth in this area by the time it takes for me to remember to depend upon God. I like to recall the day I read a quote about our problems. It went something like this: If we have a small God, our problems seem big. If we have a big God, our problems seem small. At the time, I wanted to become someone who knew a Big God who could handle anything. I’m becoming more and more like this with practice.

So yesterday, I rejoiced when, after only a few minutes, I went to God, unburdened myself, asked for help, and returned to a state of peace and joy. My therapist years ago said that good mental health means that when difficult things happen, you’re able to “return to joy” more and more quickly.

Let’s go to God and return to joy when things feel too hard for us.

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