God Knows What We Don’t Know or See

This morning, my friend reminded me of a disappointing decision I made this past summer. I had been invited to speak to professors in Italy over Spring Break 2020. What a thrilling opportunity! How wonderful! Yet, because of our family situation and various factors, we decided to decline this offer until another year. At the time, it seemed like an inevitable decision but one that felt like a missed opportunity.

But my friend reminded me that God had already gone ahead of this decision and what seemed like disappointment was actually protection. The trip would have been canceled due to the COVID-19 virus; would have prepared to travel only to have our plans thwarted in the end. Or worse, we might have traveled only to endure illness or quarantine. Who knows what else the Lord protected us from?

My friend set my mind back to the sovereignty of God. She wrote this: “The mind of man makes his plans, but the Lord directs his steps. After years of getting upset when my plans go awry, I have learned this: If things are not working out the way I planned, it’s because God has a better idea.”


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