Getting Moving in the Morning

I talk to students often about starting a great morning routine. They agree that a morning routine makes all the difference in shaping a great day. Some students wake up 2 minutes before class, race across campus, and dive into their seats. They stay frazzled the rest of the day. Others wake up 2 hours before they need to arrive somewhere. And they love that time. (I’ve even had students write compelling opinion pieces on the power of a good morning routine.)

Here’s what they say:

I brew fresh coffee and sit on my porch to think. 

I make a gourmet breakfast sandwich—eggs, bacon, avocado, and cheese— on an English muffin. I take my time with it. Then I go get coffee somewhere and enjoy walking around campus. 

I love thinking, writing in a gratitude journal, and cleaning my room; I always make my bed and drink hot tea. 

In the summer, my own morning routine changes. This change prompted this blog post because I realize how much I love a strong morning routine! In the summer, I brew coffee and empty the dishwasher as it brews. Then, I take my coffee into the garden to begin watering. I sip my coffee and enjoy the morning air and sounds of all the birds. Taking care of the garden could take 20 minutes or so because I also have to examine the plum trees and check for pests or infection. Then, I come back inside to read my Bible, journal, think, write, and pray. I love it when I have 1-2 hours for this kind of devotional time.

Normally, by 9:00 AM, the business work of the day begins and doesn’t stop till 5:00 PM, so that morning routine matters. It means I want to wake up by 6:30 AM or so. When I don’t have a morning routine, I’m that frazzled student who dives into the next thing and never feels settled.

Whatever your morning looks like–and whenever it begins–I recommend the morning routine.

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