Generous and Unexpected

I received a generous and unexpected gift in the mail yesterday. Dominique Jordan ( sent me the most beautiful print of Isaiah 40 after reaching out to me with a kind note about my podcast and encouragement she received from the eagle imagery teaching from Guarded by Christ and Isaiah 40.

I cannot wait to hang this in my office. All day, I kept thinking of Dominique Jordan’s generous spirit and how unexpected it felt to receive such a thoughtful gift. I thought of my love of birds. I thought of how I treasure God’s word.

Then I considered what it could mean to live a life of such generosity with my own gifts. Whom might I bless in generous and unexpected ways like this? Who has blessed me whom I might now bless in return? Better yet, could I bless someone who perhaps wouldn’t come to mind right away–maybe someone overlooked or undeserving for whatever reason? Could I display God’s grace in my own life to others? Could I live with a generous spirit more and more?

And what can we give? Consider the resources God has given us–whether time, money, talents, or whatever resources imaginable. I pray for my heart to grow in generosity.


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