All the Little Rituals

I’ve noticed how routine I’ve become. But I’ve also noticed how peaceful and content my heart feels each day.

I wake up to the same tasks of watering the garden, allowing Louie the cat to patrol the garden, drinking the amaretto coffee my husband brews each morning, and harvesting berries. Next, I empty the dishwasher. Then, I read the Bible for most of the morning until my first zoom meeting or task. I blog. I make toast. I think about what I’ll make for lunch.

Every day, my daughters and I walk the neighborhood loop (sometimes 3 times a day). At 4:30, I walk along the creek with the neighbors. I make dinner. I watch TV or play cards with the family. I normally eat a bowl of frozen cherries with cashews around 7:30. On days when we host our virtual summer mission, I’m working from 4:30 PM till 9:30 PM. Then, I snuggle into bed.

Every day is the same in the COVID-19 world. It’s become predictable but peaceful. I think of the daily routines of my cats or other animals in nature. There’s something comforting, safe, and secure about daily routines. I’m so thankful for routines today.

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