Frost Tonight, Harvest Today

Today, I harvest. With the frost coming this evening, I gather the last of the Serrano peppers, the raspberries, and the tomatoes. I also cut down the Brussels sprouts and roast them for a snack. The eggplant and green tomatoes left might still ripen, so I leave these plants. I harvest the last of the dill which I’ll freeze this time.

The chopped Serrano peppers freeze perfectly and add so much flavor to sandwiches, salsas, soups, and stir fry meals,

I take the time to reflect on what went well in this last season of life. Living with flair means to take inventory; we evaluate, we give feedback for what we’ll change for this time next year.

The verdict: Too many cucumbers and not enough basil. More beans. Brussel sprouts? Maybe. Ground cherries? Absolutely. I’ll plant two more bushes. Two Serrano plants is too much. Yes to the Thai Basil; yes to the chives. Yes to the dill.

Meanwhile, I’ve tucked seeds away for next spring. And I’m slowly growing another Plumcot tree since you need two to cross pollinate.

Now I turn to the indoor work of the autumn and winter seasons.

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