From Thing to Thing

Today felt like I bounced from thing to thing. All day long, I bounced without a break.

Some days feel like this, and it’s not necessarily a bad or wrong thing. Today felt gloriously full of wonderful things I wanted to do and felt led by the Holy Spirit to say yes to. But it was busy. It was packed to the gills as some say. Again, it was busy but peaceful. It didn’t feel like the stress of an overbooked life. And it’s not over yet. There’s one more event tonight which means my early pajama time while watching The West Wing can wait.

My friend reminds me that when things are Spirit-led and Spirit-dependent, it feels like you’re being carried along. It feels like your capacity expands and you start to do things in a power not your own. It becomes supernatural. Yes, you’re tired. But you’re not overwhelmed.

In a rare pause, I stop to think about the Spirit-led invitation to rest and recharge (even if just for a minute). I stop to write this blog because I know the value of reflection, of gathering in the day, and of writing it out. These practices nourish the soul. They give back to you so you can keep giving out. You sit there for a minute and fill back up again. In this rare pause, I know what it takes to recharge for a minute. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you need to pause and soak in the bathtub, take a walk, or do something crafty like paint acorns. Even if it’s just for a minute, you might need to sit down and listen to music and gaze at the tree outside.

Remember over 10 years ago when I discovered E. Stanley Jones? Jones said this, and it changed my heart: “An organism expends as much as it receives and no more; therefore, receptivity is the first law of life.”

Living with flair means operating under this good guideline. On busy days full of output, I take time to receive.

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