Freely Receive; Freely Give

Something fun happened yesterday. Two enormous cases of KN95 masks arrived on my doorstep. For teaching at Penn State and travel, I order two small boxes of these masks, but amazon sent cases. Cases not boxes. Simple mistake right? I wanted 50 masks and now I had 1500. But amazon still only charged me for the boxes. And the KN95 aren’t cheap! What would I do now?

My husband talked to the KN95 mask company, and they graciously apologized for their mistake and told us we were free to donate these masks and distribute them to our neighbors. So generous! So last night, we did just that. I loved the joy of knowing something was freely received and freely given, just at the right time when neighbors needed good masks.

When something in life seems like a big mistake, it might just be a pathway to blessing someone. I look at the excess of masks and remember that God moves in generous, often humorous ways.

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