Four Overlooked Statements on Our Identity in Christ from 2 Corinthians

This morning, I read 2 Corinthians, and I noted some key phrases that I always overlook or don’t bring into my awareness as I go about my ordinary day. Paul declares some astonishing truths about you and me:

Christ’s comfort overflows out of our lives to others (1:5). We move about our day as agents of profound comfort to hurting people. We are comforters.

We are anointed and have God’s seal of ownership on us (1:21-22). To have an “anointing” represents an extraordinary and powerful identity; it refers to the power, presence, and affirmation of God over your life. We are anointed.

We are triumphantly led and walk about spreading the knowledge of God as a metaphorical fragrance or aroma (2:14-15). We spread the knowledge of God.

We are competent ministers wherever we go (3:6). We are competent.

I think about a different kind of day in which we live as comforting, anointed, knowledge-spreading, competent ministers. Go forth!

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