Forgetting What’s Stored

I’ve been placing batch after batch of roasted tomatoes into my deep freezer that sits like a sleeping white polar bear in the back of my garage. 

All throughout the autumn and winter, the stored tomatoes will remain right there: available, ready, nourishing. During those bitter cold days, warm tomato soup awaits. 

But I can guarantee you that I won’t remember I have stored those tomatoes. It happens every year. I go about my days and weeks and months forgetting the stores I have. I’ll stand in the kitchen one day in late November and remember. The tomatoes! I have roasted tomatoes!

I think about all I have stored up of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and nourishing words for days when my emotions and inner life feel stark, cold, and bitter. I’ll stand there in the emptiness and remember: God’s here in abundance! He’s here! 

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