For What Reason Do People Most Request Your Input or Service?

In one professional development question, we look at hints to our best kind of service to the world. Can we look for clues throughout our lives that point to a call to a vocation? We can look back and see why people request our help or input. Is it for wise counsel? For organization? For motivation? For clarity? For peacemaking? For design?

Students think for a minute and realize how they best contribute based on what other people have noticed about them or why people request their help.

After this lesson, I realized this: People ask me to help with writing projects all the time. Just this week, I had several conversations to motivate and coach people with their book writing. I shared proposal templates. I outlined schedules to complete manuscripts. I counseled writers through their perceived blocks to writing–whether shame, fear of rejection, poor time-management, or a feeling of unworthiness or lack of skill. Next week, I have meetings set up with writers wanting to know how to query agents and think about publishing.

If I stop and consider it, I think about how often this happens. A call comes in. Help me with my book project.

I’m noticing this. I cannot ignore it. And I ask myself: What do I need to clear from my life to make more space to encourage writers? How is God shaping a new professional trajectory here? How do I best serve writers alongside my ministry and teaching calling? Just as I’m thinking of these answers, a man in my writing class approached me and said, “I’ve been stuck for 4 years with writing until now. What’s my next step?”

Do you notice these clues in your own life? Do you help people become unstuck in whatever ways they stay stuck? Are others calling you for help with meal-planning or healthy living? Are they always asking you marriage or parenting questions? Are you called in to help design spaces? What is that thing you do for others best of all? It’s exciting to think of what you might maximize this year as you think deeply about new directions and new career or service paths. What would you need to clear from your own life to make space to do this next thing?

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