For Nothing Is Impossible with God

Today I notice Gabriel’s words to both Zechariah and Mary in Luke 1. First of all, Gabriel tells Zechariah this: “I stand in the presence of God.” It’s the first thing Gabriel says after revealing his name. It grants a special authority. Gabriel knows God. Gabriel is with God. Gabriel listens to God. Remember, we’ve read about Gabriel before in the book of Daniel. Usually, we focus on Mary, but what if we didn’t forget what God wants us to know through Gabriel? And what does Gabriel tell us about God?

God hears prayer (13).

The Holy Spirt can indwell people and is powerful (15; 35).

God sends angels as messengers and they explain things (26).

Nothing is impossible with God (37).

I think about these four ideas: prayer, the Holy Spirit, angels, and God’s power. From this chapter alone, I consider the supernatural. Nothing is impossible with God.

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