For Every Fear You Have

I absolutely love Psalm 34. It hits me differently every time I read it. It’s astonishing how living and active God’s word is; it contains fresh application every new morning. Today, I focus on verse 4:

I sought the Lord, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

David, remember, legitimately had reason to fear many things. He feared for his very life. While we might not fear for our lives at this moment (although someone reading might), we all, if we’re honest, hold onto many fears. What if we listed them? What if we drilled down into the real fear, too. What is it, ultimately, that we fear? And do we believe that God will answer and deliver us from our fears?

I find that no matter what fear I write in my journal, the answer is God is there for me.

Am I afraid of loneliness? God will be there.
Am I afraid of something bad happening? God will be there.

In Psalm 112, likely this same David wrote this about people who trust God: “He has no fear of bad news; his heart is strong, trusting in the Lord.”

I wish for us to become this strong.

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