Fling Wide Your Gate

Today in church, the pastor challenges me to “open wide the gate of my heart” to God.   I know that verb.   Open.  It means to remove obstacles and allow the kind of passage that makes an interior fully accessible.

Remove obstacles.  Allow passage.  I ask God to show me any obstacles that keep me from flinging wide the gate.  Whatever fear, whatever doubt, I want to live a life that gives Jesus full access.

A closed gate seems like safety.  It seems like protection and control.  But God awaits as the ultimate Protector–the ultimate Safety–who rushes in when I fling wide the gate. 

People who live with flair demonstrate that kind of vulnerability and that kind of trust.  They’ve made their lives fully available to the purposes of God–no matter what the obstacle.  They know that’s the safest place.  That’s the place of protection, peace, and provision.

I’m flinging wide the gate.

Journal:  What obstacle keeps my gate shut?

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