First Day of Autumn Here

What a wonderful new season! I grab a sweater to warm me from the chill of a 60 degree afternoon. I keep the windows open and know we’ll sleep so well as the evening cools down to 50 degrees.

We talk our walk and crunch hundreds of acorns. On our street, we rake acorns into great piles like leaves. I remember that year I made bread from acorn flour. We won’t starve if something happens to our food supply; the acorns will feed us!

I attempt a new soup in my crockpot (mushroom, sweet potato, kale, cauliflower, and quinoa), and as it simmers, I crunch an apple that signifies a new harvest down at the fruit farm.

We put the garden to sleep and gather the last of the tomatoes. We leave the green peppers to continue their ripening. We water the mums we’ve planted. They’ll bloom this week.

Sweaters and slippers. Apples and soups. Acorns underfoot. It’s autumn in Pennsylvania!

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