Finishing Strong

When there’s a few days left of class, I feel myself descending into that feeling of wanting to coast. I’m lulled into the relaxation of summer just over the horizon. I’m already transitioning to the book writing and travel that summer brings. I drive by college seniors posing for graduation photos. I note the mowers and planters and pruners and all that comes together to make campus beautiful for graduation next week.

But not yet. We’re not finished yet. It’s not over yet. I tell my friend who feels the same way that we must finish strong. Finish strong! Give it your best! Don’t quit now! We’ve got this!

We cannot slow down now. We’ve classes yet to teach, papers left to grade, and final lessons to prepare. We resist the urge to coast. We gather our strength and move forward with fresh zeal.

We’re almost finished, but not yet.

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